Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you’re here (:

My name is Courtney Kramer. I am 23 and in my final year of university where I am studying Family Studies with a specialization in nutrition and families. I began university in the food and nutrition program as I intended to become a Registered Dietician. As what happens with most undergraduate students I changed my major to a similar field (I’m taking related courses without having to take any sciences) in order to become a Professional Home Economist (PHEc). I love to share tips about nutrition, relationships and how to live well. I am also a stickler for evidence-based information, meaning I am critical of what resources I use to gather information. Just because a doctor wrote a book on a topic doesn’t mean the information is valid. For example what studies did they cite? What bias do they hold? What are their areas of expertise? Do they provide a balanced view of the subject? There is a lot of false and misleading information, especially regarding nutrition and health. It always wise to seek nutrition advice from a Dietician rather than a random article or “fact” from the web.

I am an avidly curious person so I enjoy learning new things and desire to be well informed.

I am also married to my wonderful husband Michael and we are expecting our first baby this October! To read all about our first year of marriage click here. To read about our first date and one year anniversary click here. Prior to meeting Mike, I was in a season of singleness and I have blogged quite a bit about this topic, as I can empathize with those in this situation and the desire to be married.


When I’m not blogging I enjoy listening to podcasts (my current favourite is the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey), reading books (other than academic articles or textbooks), especially non-fiction such as biographies, memoirs or business profiles, and cooking along with occasionally baking (I’m trying to build on my Mennonite roots and become an expert pie maker).

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better. Please take a look around my blog. I like to write about young marriage, dating, relationships, and singleness from a faith-based perspective. As well as how to live and eat well. I love when my readers comment on my posts and try my best to respond!

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