How I Learned to Cherish Each Moment Through Loss and Uncertainty Newlywed Reflections~Month 6

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Yes, I skipped a month, I quickly wrote up a post that I was going to publish Monday. I just didn’t feel right about publishing so late and I didn’t feel it was my best work. I decided to start fresh and try to stay on schedule for this month!

This past month has seemed to drag on forever. Between school being crazy busy with three midterms in a row, readings, group and placement meetings, waiting to hear back about jobs for Michael, getting the unexpected and tragic news that Michael’s grandmother was very ill and passed away, along with multiple trips down to Niagara. This month has been busy, draining, stressful, emotional and just exhausting. At the same time, I am incredibly grateful for a supportive, prayerful husband, being able to spend lots of time with family over Thanksgiving and the last few weeks and for the blessing of Michael’s new trucking job beginning on our 6 month anniversary (God’s timing is always so perfect!)

Young Marriage (4).png

I’ve learned a lot this past month. Such as trusting God to provide (which He always does), not relying on my own strength when I’m feeling weak, to die to self, to be more disciplined with my time and to be more generous with our finances. The biggest takeaway has been to cherish life. Between Michael’s grandmother dying and unexpected doctor’s visits one just never knows how long they have with those they love. Before this month I had a solid perception of how fragile life is. As a result, I make an effort to cherish each moment I have, but sometimes my thoughts get passive and I forget how delicate time is. Our life is only a vapour and the events of October have reminded me how true this statement is. Although this month has been hard and there’s been a lot of tears, it’s been the most impactful so far of our marriage.

We love you, Grandma Kramer, ❤

We went through all of these events together. When we were dating and Michael received bad news I wasn’t physically present. I could only text or call. I felt so distant and separated from his experience. At times I wished there was more I could have done to comfort and help. During this past month, I have been so grateful for being married and the fact that it allows us to be together daily. I’ve been with him in person for those difficult and exciting phone calls. I appreciate those opportunities that marriage has brought, I want to help and be supportive and excited with him at the moment. God really worked out those moments for us this past month.

I’m also thankful for the low times in life because it allows for growth, a renewed dependence on God, it causes me to search my faith and consider what and why I believe what I do, and I come to treasure and appreciate the good moments even more. For example, each moment I can spend with family, close friends and especially my grandparents are more meaningful to me. I want to be intentional and create memories together. To learn from them and ask questions about their life experiences. All of the time I’m given with them is a precious gift. I’ve just been really impressed to not take these times for granted.

I want to close by asking what are you most grateful for in your life right now? How do you intentionally create memories with those you love even when life gets busy? (I really struggle keeping up with my friends when I get overwhelmed with school work)


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