Favourites Friday>> Boundless

As some may have noticed I have a page entitled Favourite Resources where I have listed some of my personal favourite blogs, podcasts and shows. I have never taken the time to highlight why I enjoy these particular resources. Each Friday I am going to highlight a particular resource, what it is, why I enjoy it and why you should check it out.

Boundless Home Page

I’m going to begin with a resource I have been using since my mid-teens: Boundless.org. As a child I used listen to a radio drama called Adventures In Odyssey produced by Focus on the Family. As I got older I transitioned into the Focus Daily Broadcast which led me to seek a Focus resource which was geared more toward my age group. The closest I found was Boundless which is aimed at young adults and singles. At the time I couldn’t totally relate to everything they presented but as I got older Boundless has become increasingly relevant and helpful.

Boundless is a website, blog and weekly podcast for young adults navigating singleness, relationships, work, faith and life.

The Boundless website introduces a new topic or theme each week. The current theme is about Biblical womanhood and how to navigate being a woman in today’s hyperfeminist culture.

The following are a few of my favourite and most referred to articles from Boundless: Trading in Your Fairytale, 10 Things Women Should Know Before Tying the Knot, Biblical Dating Series, What He Really Means Is, Heart on Hold, and You Won’t Marry the Perfect Man. A lot of these articles influenced my perspective as I moved through a season of singleness during high school into University. I was challenged on whether I was content, if my expectations were unrealistic and what qualities to look for in a relationship. Although I didn’t follow all of the advice exactly I found this resource to be a great starting place to help me think about what my values and convictions were regarding relationships. Beyond reading the articles, every Thursday I look forward to the Podcast.

Lisa Anderson the director of Boundless is also the host of the weekly podcast. Each episode features a roundtable discussion, a culture segment and a listener question. To begin, roundtable discussions bring together various individuals to talk about subjects familiar to themselves and pertinent to young adults. Topics range from living with your parents, having multiple callings in life and navigating the myth of “the one”. Following this discussion is the culture segment which usually features an interview with an author or leader. Previous guests have included Francis and Lisa Chan, Lysa Terkurst, Kevin DeYoung and Jeremy and Tiffany Lee (Plumb). The podcast is concluded by asking a counselor or blog contributor to answer a listener’s question usually pertaining to dating. Although I’m married now I still can’t help listening to this podcast because I enjoy hearing and learning from others perspectives and experiences, along with the discussions on work, church and social life from people in my cohort. As a millennial I find myself relating with a lot of the content. A few notable podcast episodes are: What Women Want, Episode 386, Manhood Worth Modeling, Episode 321, Fifty Shades of What, Episode 330, Happy 400th, Episode 400,  and Get Real, Episode 296.

If you are a young adult I would highly encourage you to take some time this weekend to check out Boundless.org and download some of their podcasts to binge listen to. I have learned and grown so much from this resource. It truly is a wealth of sound wisdom based on Biblical principle on topics relevant to young adults in all stages.





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