One Year

One year ago today Michael and I went on our very first official date as boyfriend and girlfriend. We had met almost four weeks prior on December 21, but we decided to get to know each other for one month before making things official. Although Mr. Eager wanted to begin dating closer to two weeks. We made it through two more long weeks after I went back to school. Then finally I made my way back to Kitchener on January 23, 2015. I anxiously awaited Michael’s arrival at my house. I was almost more nervous than our first date. I was hiding in the back room when he shyly came to the door with carnations where my mom answered. Before we left my mom took the honorary couple picture of two very nervous slightly awkward almost “official” daters.


We walked out to Michael’s car and sat in it for a brief moment where he asked me the question I’d been waiting to hear for so long “will you be my girlfriend?”. From that moment on I was in a new season and experience of my life. Being in a relationship opens your eyes to the world in a way you’ve never seen it before. Suddenly the love stories in movies seem different and more relatable yet less desirable. 

We headed out that night to Kelsey’s all dressed up and so very happy to be together. After finding out there would be a long wait we decided to leave. Instead of spending a lot of money at the Keg for only our very first date we ventured to Casey’s. We were so new in our relationship that night, the feelings were so invigorating I think people could sense our infatuation. While we were ordering our food an older couple was leaving. The man stopped by our table and gave us an extra coupon he had for our meal. In that moment I felt his kindness and thoughtfulness as a blessing from God. Going out to eat at a nice restaurant was a luxury for us. I’ll never forget that strangers thoughtful gesture to us.

Following our meal I don’t quite remember if we did anything else but we eventually headed near my house. Before dropping me off we just sat in a church parking lot on a hill overlooking our city and talked for a few hours. In our early days of dating we spent a lot of time about our pasts, our families, our dreams, our lives. We really got to know each well within those first few months.

One year later and I think I know Michael a whole lot more than I did on that late night in January. Although I know there is still much more to learn, discover and appreciate about him. I’m so thankful for all the moments and times of sharing we’ve had so far.

A few things I love about Mike:

  • He makes me laugh, whether it’s adlibbing lyrics to a song, being wacky with me, tickling me, having a water fight or jumping out at me :p he can always make me smile
  • He loves God, Mike doesn’t take God lightly, he continually encourages me to pursue God wholeheartedly,  he keeps our focus on God through prayer, bible study and discussing how we can better serve God
  • He is authentic, either Mike is all in or all out, he will always give you the honest truth
  • He prioritizes communication if I need to talk to him about something or there’s an issue we need to resolve he will deal with it on the spot
  • He loves kids, Mike is pretty much the greatest uncle ever to Maverick, it’s so obvious he loves the kid to death and he makes an effort to be part of his life even though there is an hour and a half distance between them ❤
  • He pursued me and made it clear from the beginning that his intentions included marriage
  • He is  generous, kind and thoughtful, Mike is always willing to help those close to him or offer a helping hand, he considers the needs of those around him and responds, whetheit’sts delivering a TV, buying coffee,  making grilled cheese or charging my phone
  • He is chivalrous, this was one of the first qualities that endeared me to Mike, he would open my car door, carry groceries, warm the car up for me, turn on my seat heater or hand me a blanket when I’ve been cold
  • He has incredible insight, Mike loves to talk and I like to listen, Mike has this incredible ability to explain things and make them very understandable, he sees situations and people differently and his perspective has great wisdom
  • He’s my best friend

Happy Anniversary Babe! I love you ❤


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